Membership Scheme

Software on demands
Lower Cost & More Value Added Services

There are B2B and B2C Members , they have different purposes of using our inArc platform, the concept of Membership Scheme is to cater the various Users’ needs without paying unnecessary expenses.

Pricing Strategy of our Membership will be lower than our competitors' current charges but with more value added services offered.


The B2B 3-Tiers Membership

The inArc package will offer services to produce interior rendering for businesses to collaborate on both residential and commercial projects.

The business will combine aspects of the open source online platform (will apply for copyright) with the B2B 3-Tier Membership Scheme.


The B2B 3-Tier Membership Fee


Monthly Subscription Fee

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 3
Tier 3X
Extra Cost @ CAD1,000 / Project
For more advance applications will be offered upon request

The B2B Membership Tier 1 (Free)

  • Members can use the Online Platform and Apps to draw 2D plans
  • They can freely design and arrange their plans with furniture, fittings and architectural hardware, etc.
    (but with LIMITED ACCESS of “inArc’s Copyrighted 3D Object Images”)
  • 3D view can be popped out instantly

The B2B Membership Tier 2 (CAD 15 Month)

Members are granted with FULL ACCESS of “inArc Copyrighted 3D Object Images” of designer furniture, fittings, architectural hardware + other quality interior architectural products.

Resolution of the 3D rendering image and the virtual tour will be much higher than Tier 1.

Users can experience the latest Augmented Reality application on top of the inArc Rendering products.

The B2B Membership: Tier 3 (CAD 25 / Month)

Equipment / Hardware VR glass, ARKit, ARCore or Google Tango application will be included in the annual membership fee.

Resolution of the 3D rendering image and the AR tour will be much higher than the Tier 2 version, i.e. ultra high resolution (4,000 X 1,100 px).


  • inArc is Equipment / Hardware is only an option
  • inArc is hardware friendly and can be used in conjunction with any popular VR goggles or with no VR device at all


The B2B Membership: Tier 3X (Extra Cost CAD 1,000 / Project)

For those members who are willing to pay more at CAD$1,000 per project, inArc will generate the Photorealistic 3D Rendering within 1 hour (c.f. at least a few days in the market).

With the aid of the AR and Immersive Technology , these members can “visualize” the newly added furniture and hardware clearly by its extra high resolution.

The Extra Cost’s Package will deliver:

  • 3D Wireframes Modelling
  • Architectural Visualization
  • Video Animations with at least 50 frames per second
  • Walk Through Animation
  • Assembly Animation
  • Conventional 3D Drawing Application and CAD Program
  • Easy Control on Resolution, Frame Rate, Length of Video and Processing Power
  • Tablet PC Online Platform for accessing Building Information (Subcontractor, Builder)
  • Augmented Reality using Tablet Cameras with the Photorealistic 3D Rendering