inArc’s AI “Machine Learning” Technology

By adopting the inV’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and backing up with the Ray Tracing Acceleration Technique , the inArc rendering technology is using the “Image Experience".

inArc will be stored with as a lot of data / cases to more precise during the rendering process.

For example, to outline a chair, the machine can search similar cases from its database, and then interpolate and render into a whole 3D chair with fine details and features.

The Advantages of inArc’s Rendering Technology

Convenience Digital Devices Operations

inArc can be operated with High Resolution Rendering with both Web Platform + Mobile App

Speedy Rendering Time

The whole process of 3D Rendering Image, Virtual Video Tour can be greatly shortened to 1 hour instead of a few days

Autonomy & Flexibility

Designers do not need to upload their 2D Floor Plan or any files . They simply just work on the plans on either inArc Online Platform or Mobile App themselves. Their ideas will be immediately transformed into a professional 3D renderings. They can enjoy autonomy.

Moreover, with the advancement of the equipment (e.g. 360 4K Cameras, AR Glasses, ARKit , Google Tango, ARCore ) + the 3D photorealistic images provided in THT’s Object Library, the users can add, arrange and customize various objects (e.g. furniture, hardware, lightings, floors, wallpaper, wall paints, tiles, etc.); and adjust colour & texture as they wish

The technology is incorporated with other Latest Invention

inArc will embed with the latest AR + VR at the same time to advance its usage. Customers can visualize their design ideas in a more realistic feel.

High Definition

Users can visualize the design clearly in an ultra-high resolution (higher than 4,000 px X 1,100 px) with fine details.

Users can even identify the differences between:

  • embossed finishing and glossy finishing of a dining table embossed finishing and glossy finishing of a dining table
  • wood print tile and solid hard wood wood print tile and solid hard wood
  • discern ash woods from maple woods, etc.discern ash woods from maple woods, etc.

Value-added Services

inArc will provide One Stop Service from 2D to 3D architectural & interior design

inArc will also have Online Shopping Platform for furniture, for furniture, home décor, hardware, etc.

Cost Efficiency

inArc enables inspiring visual imagery without the expense of product samples or physical showroom

Also, the inArc will be more affordable than the existing services

Hardware Friendly

inArc is hardware friendly, can be used:

  • with an average configured computer setting
  • in conjunction with any popular VR goggles or with no VR device at all

Enhance Customer Satisfaction Enhance Customer Satisfaction

  • inArc allows customers to preview the design accurately before placing an order
  • This also reduce complaints for the variances between the finished output and initial design


The Beauties of the THT’s NEW inArc Technology

  • Higher Resolution -> Higher Quality
  • Higher Speed
  • Lower Cost
  • User Friendly
Resolution Higher Definition enables more fine details
Low Resolution
High Resolution
More samples of High Resolution Renderings
AR on 2D Floor Plan - Higher Resolution enables a better Clarity and Depth

Architectural Visualization - Higher Resolution enables to visualize a more virtual feeling of the design idea