NEW Rendering Technology – inV

inV’s Technology Theory

inV , the THT’s CORE Rendering Technology adopts the theory “Machine Learning” of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“Machine Learning” of AI is a science of getting computers to learn without being explicitly programmed

In fact, we probably use it dozens of times a day without even knowing it for “Machine Learning":

  • Each time you do a web search on Google or Bing, that works so well because their “Machine Learning” Software has figured out how to rank what pages.
  • When Facebook or Apple's photo application recognizes your friends in your pictures, that's also “Machine Learning”


inV’s AI “Machine Learning” Technology

inV’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) is backed up with the Ray Tracing Acceleration Technique; and the rendering process is using “Image Experience".

The “Image Experiences” is the theory of “Machine Learning”. The process is to input many rendering cases from 2D into render
3D and program the machine to “LEARN” these cases by Image Capturing. When the machine captures new cases, it can search
their “EXPERIENCES” from the previous cases

By adopting such technology, the rendering output process does not need to scan the whole details for rendering 100%. What the machine does is just needs to “Recognize” some key features

The machine learning program will be able to filter out what is the most important features of the 2D image; and filter out the less important details….then render into a new 3D image. This rendering process helps to save a lot of time and CPU power and space.

Thus, the more cases the machine is input the smarter and more precise the machine will be. inV will be fed with as much data / cases and will become a brilliant rendering application in the market.


The Pioneer Rendering Techno-Concept of inV

inV’s Pioneer Rendering Techno Concept:


An Integrated Family Web based with
Latest AR + VR Technology and
Powered by the Artificial Intelligence (AI)


  • inV will be the pioneer in the market incorporating both AR + VR Technology in Rendering Software.
  • which idea distinguishes inV’s Functionality and Connectivity from the existing market


inV’s target with the “Machine Learning” of AI

Applying with the “Machine Learning” technology, inV targets to:

  • Complete an ultra high resolution rendering within 60 minutes.
  • Can work with the average configured computer and mobile app.
  • Combine with AR and VR at the same time.


inV’s Brand Extension

THT’s CORE Brand inV’s Rendering Technology can be applied to a wide variety of industries.

At the Initial Stage, THT’s inV Rendering Technology will focus on architecture & interior design industry first.