The Company and Business Ideas

About THT

THT develops advance Rendering Technology for online platform and apps with the incorporation of Augmented Reality (AR) + Virtual Reality (VR) Applications.

Facilitated with a much faster rendering speed than the existing technology product in the market, THT’s NEW Rendering Technology would sharply reduce the cost and time to market for our potential business clients who intend to impress their potential customers/end users with realistic immersive experience in the spatial environments about their product.



The Founders’ Insight

The founders of THT are currently engaging in the property, architecture & interior design industry. With the existing design rendering service providers, they encounter time, cost and quality issues. Simultaneously, the customers cannot truly visualize the designers’ design ideas.

As such, although many marketers believe customers would be impressed by their new design or products by viewing and
feeling it with high quality VR/AR, they are hindered by high cost, high lead time outcome that they get from existing
rendering service providers.

The Issues of the Existing 3D Rendering Technology

There are numerous 3D rendering software on the online platform in the architecture & interior design sector. However, the shortcomings are:

Lengthy Processing Time

For example, at the moment, it takes a few days for the whole “ultra-high” resolution (4,000 X 1,100 px) rendering process for 3D modelling of an architectural design from measuring, scaling, selecting.

High Cost or Low Quality

Cost of such "ultra-high" resolution cost unreasonably high at around CAD490 - 800 per angle of a product shot.

To settle for the second best alternative, designers have to accept the lower resolution such as 900px X 500px and 2,500px X 1,400px respectively.


Designers have to provide CAD files of particular product/design and wait for a few days for 3D rendering production.

Changes made after rendering would be costly and very time consuming.

Birth of the IDEA

The above issues spark up their idea of developing a new rendering core with efficiency without compromising quality.


The Vision

THT aims to become a recognized Rendering Technology leader in the North America market.

THT is dedicated to develop leading Rendering Technology with a heart to:

  • proffer B2B an IT Solution with the latest Rendering with the latest Rendering Technology with the values of high quality, cost efficiency and practicality to various industries.
  • furnish furnish B2C a New Virtual Experience and Enjoyment through a more realistic immersive cognition


The Mission

This Technology can be applied to various industries to enhance the output quality, convenience and efficiency which in turn, leverage the futuristic life of human kind.

Initial launch of THT’s new rendering software will be for the for the architecture & interior design industry. THT has an ambition to roar out to other trades and sectors like Property Developers, Gaming Developers, Advertising Agencies, Tour Agencies, Restaurants, Driving and Pilot Training Institutes, Hospitals, etc.

Creating INFINITY in terms of technology and applications practices


The Brand

The Umbrella Brand Name of THT new Rendering Technology - inV

in: “into” the scene / environment, “Fashionable" and "Trendy"
V: “Virtual”, “Vision”, “Viva” and “Voyage"

The Product Brand Name at the Initial Stage of THT’s Rendering Technology for the architecture & interior design industry  - inArc.

The Future Series Product Brand Name can be inAd, inTrip and inRide.


The Motto

"Think Borderless. Go Infinity" and "Transform Dimensions to Infinity"